Crapounette : Crapounette chez ses cousins

Bayard Jeunesse
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In the Craspouh family, which Crapounette is a part of, nobody cares about good manners or personal hygiene. But Crapounette has to spend time with her cousins, the Delarivières, where politeness and cleanliness are very important. Meanwhile, her… Read more  cousin Aimé comes to stay in the Craspouhs’ house…

Author : Bertrand Fichou

Illustrateurs : ROLAND GARRIGUEAnne Wilsdorf

7 and up

Serie: Crapounette

Collection: J'aime lire

Publication date:

Themes: familyholidaysprehistory

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N°EAN 9791036305801
Format 120 x 190 mm
Number of pages 48

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