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At eighteen, Cleopatra becomes Queen of Egypt. She has one dream only: to make her country all-powerful; like in the days of her ancestor Alexander the Great. Nothing can stop her: she thwarts plots in her own family and gains Julius Caesar’s… Read more  confidence. In Alexandria, the new master of Italy tries to reconcile her with his brother Ptolemy; but when Ptolemy has the Roman Fleet burned, the queen watches the flames from her palace, as they threaten the precious library of Alexandria. Will the intrepid Cleopatra be obliged to give up her ambitions?

Author : Claude MERLE

Illustrator : Miguel COIMBRA

10 and up

Collection: Héros de légende

Publication date:

Themes: Ancient Greecedestinypower

Retail price: 6,50 €

N°EAN 9782747043755
Number of pages 192

Héros de légende

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