C’est trop bien

Editions Milan
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A hymn to happiness! Joyful, poetic and sensitive, short chapters to share between children and adults, like delicious little madeleines.
Twenty short texts sketch a panorama of the little everyday joys and emotions of a 10 year-old child:… Read more  little nothings or exciting moments to enjoy between the lines, as well as those rare pleasures to savour quietly on one’s own. “We have all bathed in the river of childhood, but Philippe Delerm never dried off” (Kriss, France Inter.

Author : Philippe Delerm

Illustrator : Stéphane Trapier

9 and up

Collection: Milan junior

Publication date:

Themes: childhoodfeelingshappiness

Retail price: 5,70 €

N°EAN 9782408035365
Format 120 x 180 mm
Number of pages 96

Milan junior

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