Opération sauvetage, N° 06 : Au secours des ours !

Couverture de « Au secours des ours ! »


With Lisa and Noe, fly off to rescue animals in danger! Black bears in Canada, usually so full of energy, are sleeping all day. It’s a worry! To understand the strange phenomenon, what better way than to slip into the skin of one of these weary… Read more  bears? That’s why Professor MacBrain sends Noe and Lisa to North America where the two children, transformed into bears, begin a perilous adventure…

Author : Jean-Marie Defossez

Illustrator : DIANE LE FEYER

8 and up

Serie: Opération sauvetage

Publication date:

Themes: animalsbearecologymetamorphosis

Retail price: 5,30 €

N°EAN 9782747048347
Number of pages 128

Opération sauvetage

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