Opération sauvetage, N° 07 : Alerte : loutre blessée !

Couverture de « Alerte : loutre blessée ! »


With Lisa and Noe, fly off to rescue animals in danger!
Panic at Professor MacBrain’s HQ! His friend, Professor Libois, has rescued a mother otter who’s been hit by a car, he must take care of her. But while she recovers, who will look… Read more  after her lovely little babies? The Bionautes, of course! But first of all, Lisa and Noé will have to find them…

Author : Jean-Marie Defossez

Illustrator : DIANE LE FEYER

8 and up

Serie: Opération sauvetage

Publication date:

Themes: animalsecologymetamorphosis

Retail price: 5,30 €

N°EAN 9782747052566
Number of pages 128

Opération sauvetage

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