Félix File Filou : Une enquête qui fait vroum

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Panic at the Grand Prix in Montacot: just as the race is about to start, Coco Delco, an ace at the wheel whose foot is generally stuck to the pedal, ejects from his car, scratching himself madly all over. Who put itching powder into his track suit?… Read more  This is a case for FFF…

Author : Gérard Moncomble

Illustrator : Christophe Merlin

6 and up

Serie: Félix File Filou

Collection: Milan benjamin

Publication date:

Themes: carsheroinvestigation

Retail price: 5,20 €

N°EAN 9782745990624
Format 130 x 180 mm
Number of pages 32

Félix File Filou

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