Sidonie au pays du vent

Bayard Jeunesse
Couverture de « Sidonie au pays du vent »


As Sidonie is leaving, the neighbour’s three sons call her names and throw stones at her, yelling that she’s mad. But Sidonie pays no attention. She dodges the stones and carries on her way.
When she arrives at the Wind Palace, she… Read more  explains what she wants. The Wind, on its throne, authorises her to take what she wants, and Sidonie picks up a little handful of seeds. When she gets back home, she scatters them in her parents’ field. A few days later, little gnomes with pointed hats appear! They immediately start work: planting vegetables in the kitchen garden, repairing the roof of the farm, installing a hen coop, a stable… Sidonie and her family are saved!
The neighbour’s three sons are jealous, so they decide to go to the Wind Palace too. Once again, the Wind tells them to take what they want. So the three sons fill huge bags with seeds and rush home to sow them. This time, three giants appear. And they’re not nearly as kind as the gnomes…

6 and up

Collection: Youpi, je lis !

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Themes: magicmutual assistancenaturetale

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N°EAN 9782747090797
Number of pages 32

Youpi, je lis !

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