Pépin, jeune chevalier

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Pépin is a young equerry. Today, he is going with Lord Bernard, who is setting off to war with King Odo. But the king is in danger, and Pépin will save his life. The brave equerry Pépin is made a knight.
Reading Pépin’s story, children… Read more  discover the world of knights. Each chapter of the story refers to a corresponding non-fiction section that lets the child discover one precise feature about the world of knights and knighthood.
Fact file 1: The training of a knight. Fact file 2: The role of the equerry. Fact file 3: Dubbing

Author : Benoît Broyart

Illustrator : Alexandre Franc

6 and up

Collection: Milan docs benjamin

Publication date:

Themes: knighthoodMiddle-Ages

Retail price: 5,70 €

N°EAN 9782745974532
Number of pages 40

Milan docs benjamin

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