Mathilde et les voleurs, N°

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After her figure skating lesson, Mathilde goes with her mummy to the bank. She’s so exhausted that she falls asleep while waiting for Mummy. When she wakes up, it’s night-time and the bank is closed! Did her mummy forget all about her? Mathilde… Read more  decides to look for her just in case – and finds her locked in an office with the manager, both of them tied up by bank robbers. Thanks to her courage, guile and roller skates, Mathilde foils the villains and gets them arrested…

6 and up

Collection: Mes premiers J'aime Lire

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Themes: burglaryfigure skating

Retail price: 5,90 €

N°EAN 9782747057721
Number of pages 32

Mes premiers J'aime Lire

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