Les Inséparables – Parfait achète le pain tout seul

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Parfait is the most emotional one in the band. Often scatter-brained, always serious, he loses confidence quickly. So when his mother asks him to go and by some bread at the baker’s, all alone, he panics. Parfait hopes his friends will help him,… Read more  but the park, their HQ, is deserted. Saddened, he goes to the baker’s. More and more tense as he waits in the queue, he puts down his purse, counts and recounts his coins, and concentrates on what he has to ask for… When suddenly the salesgirl’s big voice rings out. Parfait turns as red as beetroot and starts to stutter. Happily, she understood because in no time, he’s outside the shop with a baguette in his hand. He runs to tell the 6 Inseparables, at last gathered in the park, about his adventure. He puts down the bread, and runs off to play with his pals, he’s deserved that!
When he gets home, Parfait realizes he has lost the baguette and he can’t find his purse. He can see himself fleeing the country to escape his mother’s anger… But Lea’s mother arrives and takes things in hand. Direction the baker’s shop to buy a baguette. Surprise: the baker gives Parfait his purse which he left behind in his panic.
Parfait goes home with the bread and the money!

Author : Nathalie Dargent

Illustrator : Yannick Thomé

5 and up

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Themes: autonomyeveryday lifegroups of friendsself-confidence

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N°EAN 9782745973429
Format 132 x 176 mm
Number of pages 40