Les Inséparables – Lucas s’est fait traiter de fils de lute

Couverture de « Les Inséparables – Lucas s’est fait traiter de fils de lute »


At the school canteen, when it’s French fries day, it’s mayhem. When Lucas pushes Valère, he gets called “son of a witch”! Lucas usually has an answer to everything, but he’s struck dumb. At the table, his friends can see there’s… Read more  something wrong. Juliette, the adviser in the gang, wants to tell the teacher the whole story, but the others disagree! How can you repeat a curse you’re not even allowed to say it? And to the teacher, of all people!
One thing is bothering them: « son of a witch », what does it mean? After school, they ask some grown-ups. Verdict: he didn’t really want to say “witch”! Now that he understands Lucas is angry. Juliette says he should pay him back – one curse deserves another.
With his friends, Lucas goes to find Valère and calls him a « son of a snitch »! But Marjolaine, his big sister, hears him and demands an explanation. Seeing what has happened, Marjolaine decides to take the children, including Valère, to a curse session. All you need is a railway track and funny words. When a train goes by, everyone can yell whatever word they feel like. Result guaranteed! As they leave, they pass by the teacher who’s heading in the direction of the railway track. Maybe he’s waiting for the next train…

Author : Nathalie Dargent

Illustrator : Yannick Thomé

5 and up

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Themes: everyday lifegroups of friendsswear words

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N°EAN 9782745973436
Format 132 x 176 mm
Number of pages 40