Les Inséparables – Juliette est toute seule dans sa classe

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Juliette takes the beginning of the new school year very seriously. A perfectionist, she has already prepared her schoolbag, her clothes, her pencil case… The night before, she so impatient she can’t sit still! But her brothers and sisters… Read more  don’t share her enthusiasm … Suddenly, Juliette is beset by doubts. What if she lost her lucky charm eraser, what if things didn’t go well?
The next day, in front of the school, the 6 Inseparables don’t look too sure of themselves, they’re all pale… When Juliette finds out she isn’t in the same class as her friends – she’s in a class with 3 well-known pains in the neck – she goes to pieces. The girl who loves school so much just wants to run away. But she has no choice – she’s obliged to go into the class with the others. The cherry on the cake – she needs to go and wee but doesn’t dare say a word: the teacher doesn’t look too friendly. In the end, she can’t wait any longer and she asks the teacher if she can go. The three pests’ sniggers can be heard around the class and Juliette has a knot in her stomach. But the teacher gives her an encouraging smile and tells her to go.
When Juliette comes back, nobody is laughing – certainly not the 3 pests: the teacher is explaining that in this class, you don’t make fun of others!
When all is said and done, the teacher is super: Juliette feels reassured.

Author : Nathalie Dargent

Illustrator : Yannick Thomé

5 and up

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Themes: différenceeveryday lifegroups of friendsschool

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N°EAN 9782745973450
Format 132 x 176 mm
Number of pages 40