Le quatrième petit cochon

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The three little pigs have a younger brother, a tiny piglet called Rikiki. He’s scared of everything, he’s clumsy and so small! But he may be the one who’ll save them from the big bad wolf…
Rikiki has had enough! His big brothers, the… Read more  three little pigs, never want to play with him because he’s too scared, too clumsy, just too little!
When the brothers go off to build their houses, Rikiki follows them. But he’s not the only one, the big bad wolf is on their trail too…

Author : Agnès De Lestrade

Illustrator : Laure Du Faÿ

6 and up

Collection: Milan benjamin

Publication date:

Themes: adventuresiblingstalewolf

Retail price: 5,20 €

N°EAN 9782745955920
Number of pages 24

Milan benjamin

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