Le manoir Croquignole : Le chapardeur de l’année

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Welcome to Croquignole Manor, a school where you’ll die laughing! Here, the teachers have only one aim: to make you a perfect little monster.
With this new series, humour and adventure are on the agenda!
In this new title, the… Read more  Croquignoles are entering the annual pilfering competition. Only one rule to remember – there are no rules. Between cunning and cheating, the monsters are in a frenzied race for the trophy. Who will be the big winner this year?

Author : Mr Tan

Illustrator : Camille Roy

4 and up

Serie: Le manoir Croquignole

Publication date:

Themes: compétitionhumourmonster

Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782745978127
Format 170 x 220 mm
Number of pages 56

Le manoir Croquignole

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