La maîtresse : La maîtresse a peur du noir

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This week, the whole class is going to the mountains on a nature study trip. On the agenda: Maths and reading, of course, but also lots of long walks in the fresh mountain air and the fun of communal life! But how is poor Éline going to hide her… Read more  favourite soft toy? The others will have great fun laughing at her! Éline needs her toy because she’s afraid of the dark… But the teacher stands up for her: could she be scared of the dark too? As soon as night falls, off to the dormitories – scoot! And that’s where scary things start happening: footsteps, dark figures in the corridor… could this holiday camp be haunted?

Author : Sylvie Mathuisieulx (de)

Illustrator : Benjamin Chaud

6 and up

Serie: La maîtresse

Collection: Milan benjamin

Publication date:

Themes: school

Retail price: 5,20 €

N°EAN 9782745926968
Number of pages 24

La maîtresse

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