Les fabuleux voyages de Ninon et Lila, N° 1 : La baignoire aux sirènes

Bayard Jeunesse
Couverture de « La baignoire aux sirènes »


Ninon loves sleep-overs at her friend Lila’s, and her favourite moment is bath time as Lila’s bathroom contains a magnificent white bathtub! As soon as they plunge into it, the two friends start dreaming: they imagine they are beautiful mermaids… Read more  who have been invited to King Triton’s wedding, but to get there, they must confront the storm and the sea monsters…

Author : Marie-Hélène DELVAL

Illustrator : AMELIE DUFOUR

Translated by : Marie-Hélène DELVAL

6 and up

Serie: Les fabuleux voyages de Ninon et Lila

Collection: Tu lis, je lis

Publication date:

Themes: bathgirlfriendsimaginationmermaids

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N°EAN 9791036320262
Number of pages 32

Les fabuleux voyages de Ninon et Lila

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