Kimia, petit singe en danger

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Awa and Abou live in Africa. The two friends spend their days in the forest, it’s their playground. One day, they discover a baby monkey at the foot of a tree. The two children decide to take the bonobo home and keep it, without telling any… Read more  parents. But the next morning, the baby monkey looks sick. The children tell Awa’s big brother. He decides to take the animal to a sanctuary where it will be cared for. When it grows up, the bonobo will go back to the forest. Until then, the two children can visit the little female bonobo they call Kimia (« peace » in lingala).
Through the experience of Abou and Awa, we discover the bonobo, one of Africa’s protected species that is nevertheless poached, and the role of animal sanctuaries. The young reader understands that all animals cannot be pets, that we much respect the nature of each one.
Fact file 1: Protected species
Fact file 2: Poaching
Fact file 3: The bonobo sanctuary

Author : Benoît Broyart

Illustrator : Cléo Germain

6 and up

Collection: Milan docs benjamin

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Themes: animalsdangernon fiction

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N°EAN 9782745981714
Format 130 x 180 mm
Number of pages 40
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Milan docs benjamin

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