Jeux de pistes dans la jungle mystérieuse

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Couverture de « Jeux de pistes dans la jungle mystérieuse »


Four trails. Weaving in and out. You can follow them however you like. But if you want to figure out what’s going on deep in the mysterious jungle, then you’ll have to follow them all.
To the East, Arjun, a young hunter, leaves his village… Read more  to track down Shamindra the tiger.
To the West, the sweet scent of fresh meat tickles Shamindra’s nostrils.
To the North, Banjo the singing toucan is in a good mood: it’s the first day of the breeding season!
And, here and there, Zine-Zane the mosquito doesn’t feel like listening to music: he just wants to eat, and he doesn’t really care what kind of prey his meal comes from…

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Themes: herohumourinteractivityseek and find game

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Albums 3 - 7 ans

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