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Gaspard is most impressed: he’s going to meet Leonardo da Vinci at Clos Lucé. A naturally curious boy, he’ll be able to ask the great inventor lots of questions. But before meeting him, Gaspard has to wait in his study. He finds paintings the… Read more  master is still working on, plans and models of incredible inventions. So he starts rummaging and, completely absorbed by the things he finds, he doesn’t hear the master’s approaching footsteps…
Through Gaspard’s dream, children discover a great genius, Leonardo da Vinci. Each chapter of the story refers to a corresponding non-fiction section that lets children find out more about one aspect of Leonardo da Vinci’s life.

Author : Benoît Broyart

Illustrator : Benjamin Strickler

6 and up

Collection: Milan docs benjamin

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Themes: artinventionsLeonardo da VinciRenaissance

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N°EAN 9782745978417
Number of pages 32

Milan docs benjamin

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