Essie, N° 14 : Et si j’étais bébé ?

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Essie can’t be bothered walking anymore and she asks her dad to carry her. But Essie isn’t a baby any more. In the evening, she can’t get to sleep so she wants her mum to tell her a story. But bedtime stories are for babies.
Essie has… Read more  had enough. So, if that’s what it takes…
Essie is eighteen months old and she in her pushchair. Fantastic! Everyone says what a beautiful baby she is! She gets a pot of baby food for her snack! OK, but… Essie hasn’t learned to speak at all. Her mother cannot understand why!

Auteurs : Claire CLÉMENTClaire CLÉMENT

Illustrator : ROBIN

6 and up

Serie: Essie

Collection: Mes premiers J'aime Lire

Publication date:

Themes: babyimaginary

Retail price: 5,90 €

N°EAN 9782747053167
Number of pages 32


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