Du balai le loup

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Housework? What a crazy idea! What’s the point, because you always have to start all over again? That’s Bob and Leon’s argument when their sister Lili asks them to help clean the house. In the meantime, Loupetou is hanging around… He’d… Read more  like a bit of mutton for dinner! But every time he tries, he comes up against Lili and her housework. Until Loupetou invites Lili’s two brothers to his place… Without their sister, how will they manage? Thanks to housework, of course!

Author : Blandine Aubin

Illustrator : Frédéric Pillot

6 and up

Collection: Milan benjamin

Publication date:

Themes: humourtalewolf

Retail price: 5,20 €

N°EAN 9782745958860
Number of pages 24

Milan benjamin

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