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John, the new ghost in the haunted castle, looks like a lemon. For the ghostly white Farine, no question of playing with him. But John is not discouraged and takes photos here and there.
When his photo album is completed, he invites all the… Read more  ghosts to a tea party, even Farine. When he sees himself on the photos, Farine turns red with rage, green with fear, pink with shyness. He discovers that different emotions change our colour, and that colours give you peps!

Author : Blandine Aubin

Illustrator : Florence Langlois

4 and up

Collection: Milan poussin

Publication date:

Themes: feelingsghostshumour

Retail price: 4,99 €

N°EAN 9782745978912
Number of pages 24

Milan poussin

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