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Victor, the young velociraptor, doesn’t feel very pleased with himself. He’d like to be as big as a diplodocus, and as strong as tyrannosaurus. But when he and his family are attacked, by those very tyrannosaurus, he can’t deny his own… Read more  outstanding talent – speed! Through the story of Victor, children discover the differences between dinosaurs. Each chapter of the story refers to a corresponding non-fiction section with precise information about one feature.
Fact file 1: The different families of dinosaurs. Fact file 2: Dinosaurs, fussy diners!. Fact file 3: Life in the community

Author : Benoît Broyart

Illustrator : Claire De Gastold

6 and up

Collection: Milan docs benjamin

Publication date:

Themes: dinosaursexplorationnon fictionpalaeontology

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N°EAN 9782745978424
Number of pages 40

Milan docs benjamin

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