Cache-cache gorille

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To hide from the guardian and run away from this zoo for good, Bob the gorilla dresses up as an ice-cream seller, as a statue, as an old lady… he even tries to hide in the crocodile pool, then the lions’ pit. Each time he tries, he has to run a… Read more  little further…
Until one day, Bob has a brilliant idea at last: if he was disguised as a gorilla, the guardian would never find him!
So he goes back into his cage, which the guardian promptly locks!
So is this a smart gorilla, or what?
In preparation for reading the story, the games let the early reader identify the places where it takes place, the plot and the main characters.
After reading the story itself, a twisted tale rewards the child’s efforts and extends the pleasure of the story.

Author : Valérie Cros

Illustrator : Thierry Bedouet

5 and up

Collection: Milan poussin

Publication date:

Themes: animalshiding-placehumourzoo

Retail price: 4,99 €

N°EAN 9782745978240
Format 140 x 190 mm
Number of pages 24

Milan poussin

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