Le manoir Croquignole : À l’attaque !

Editions Milan
Couverture de « À l’attaque ! »


In the second tome, a chilly breeze blows through the corridors of the manor. The floor and the walls have frozen, and the head mistress is stuck in her armchair: the school has been invaded by Crobes! These fearsome little beasts, which carry a… Read more  virus, have invaded the world of humans and have decided to crunch the Croquignoles.

Author : Mr Tan

Illustrator : Camille Roy

4 and up

Serie: Le manoir Croquignole

Publication date:

Themes: humourmonsterschool

Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782745969392
Number of pages 56

Le manoir Croquignole

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