Un été en liberté

Bayard Jeunesse
Couverture de « Un été en liberté »


Violette is 14. This Summer, as in every previous years, her parents are too broke and to occupied to take their four children on holidays. Brune, 17 years old, Paul 16, Elise, 6 and Violette are going to go in a house alone in Ferréol, in… Read more  Ardèche, their mother’s native region. On the spot, the four children discover freedom again, through nature. As the days go by, Violette meets Bosco, a boy of her age. The two teenagers spend time together and are going to live within the time of a free Summer, the vertigo of love.

Author : Mélanie Edwards

12 and up

Collection: Littérature 12 ans et +

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Themes: holidaysself-discoverylove

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Format 138 x 210 mm
Number of pages 208

Littérature 12 ans et +

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