Maliki : L’esprit empoisonné

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Maliki’s got it all going on: a few months after entering her third year, she has already made lots of new friends but especially, she’s managed to tame Lady, her supernatural double who’s been slumbering inside her since childhood. But it… Read more  isn’t everything to possess fantastic powers – you have to put them to good use… Lady is invisible and it’s very tempting to use her every day a little more…
A little pinch in the sport class, a sprinkling there to get rid of a pesty boy… Maliki finds it difficult to fix her limits. Everything goes haywire when two classes in her year go on a ski course. Maliki’s behaviour ends up attracting the attention of Angelique, a determined young girl who’s very pious, and Vlad, a real geek for the paranormal.
Maliki’s life is getting complicated again!

Author : Maliki

10 and up

Serie: Maliki

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Themes: daily lifefantasticfriendshipteens

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N°EAN 9782747054096
Format 135 x 200 mm
Number of pages 416


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