Le roi du jazz

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An unforgettable story about friendship enhanced by the magic of jazz.
New Orleans in the early 20th century. Leon and Noel are best friends. In spite of their differences — one is Black, the other white, one goes to school, the other… Read more  doesn’t, and one is poorer than the other, they share the same dream: to purchase the cornet that sits proudly in the music shop’s window and become jazz musicians. When Noel receives the cornet as a birthday present, he immediately gifts it to Leon, who quickly masters it.
But Leon is accused of theft. Thinking he was betrayed by his friend, he spends a year in a correctional facility, where he meets a musician who takes it upon himself to teach him. When he’s noticed by his idol Buddy Joe, Leon becomes the best cornetist of his time, playing in Chicago, then in New York City, where he succeeds with none other than Noel.


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Je bouquine

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