Maliki : L’autre fille dans le miroir

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13-year-old Maliki feels different from other girls. And for good reason. With pink hair and pointed ears, she’s also more mature and sensible than her friends. At secondary school, Maliki has a very big secret. Her body is a shelter for a… Read more  supernatural creature called Lady: a fusion of the spirit of her dead cat and the spirit of Maliki, a feline girl who’s slowly awakening and keen to get out and discover the world… Maliki has to learn to control this fascinating, disturbing presence, as well as the strange powers it gives her.
Investigation at the source of this metamorphosis; daily life of a schoolgirl and the problems she encounters when she doesn’t want to be like everybody else – first loves and super powers: Maliki leads a busy life, full of mystery.

13 and up

Serie: Maliki

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Themes: daily lifefantasticfriendshipteens

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