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When you are 15 the force of friendship is only equalled by the power of revolt.
The volleyball team of Saint-Exupery high school have just made their dream come true: they have won the France Heaven Cup and qualified to play in the… Read more  international final at La Désirade! The girls had been training for five years to win that cup. They are six inseparable friends… and Gladys, who has just arrived in the team as substitute, and hasn’t managed to fit into the group. One of the girls, Tina, is injured to the great distress of the rest of the team, because that means that Gladys will replace Tina for the trip, which they find very unfair. The girls decide to pool together and pay for Tina to come along, injured or not. The money doesn’t bring out the best in everyone, it even disappears…So who took it, and why?


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Collection: Littérature 14 ans et +

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Littérature 14 ans et +

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