Le manoir saison 1 : Alisande et le Cercle de feu

Bayard Jeunesse
Couverture de « Alisande et le Cercle de feu »


The Manor has never known such tumult: two new arrivals in two days! Alisande, a lovely young girl with fair hair, arrived on a barge. No one knows where she came from. But she does remember a fire and she feels terrible guilt. That’s enough for… Read more  Liam to start an investigation. The other new arrival, Désiré, seems less tormented. He is always smiling and everyone likes him. After welcoming them, Dr. Roy gives each one a room on the second floor – where the white ghosts are – and where they will live with the other boarders. However…

12 and up

Serie: Le manoir saison 1

Collection: Le manoir

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Themes: friendshipghostsinvestigationlove

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Format 128 x 178 mm
Number of pages 418

Le manoir saison 1

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