Le manoir saison 1 : Alec et le strigoï

Bayard Jeunesse
Couverture de « Alec et le strigoï »


Chased by a disturbing black cloud that skims along the surface of the sea, Alec, Evan and Ariane land at the Manor, believing they have come to place called Grande-Terre. Alec, the eldest, is anxious about his responsibilities for his brother and… Read more  sister, six-year-old twins. They have been through a traumatising adventure with the « golden man », the king/god who has seized power on the island. They settle in the park, where they build a house and start to farm the land. Surprised and worried about what the newcomers are doing in the park, the residents of the manor try to find out where they come from. Especially since Vlad the vampire is awakening in the underground chambers, and he clearly has some connection to these children. Liam and his siblings will have to solve all these problems, as well as Momo’s, when he discovers that the circumstances of his own death are not as clear-cut as they seemed.

12 and up

Serie: Le manoir saison 1

Collection: Le manoir

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Themes: friendshipghostshistoryinvestigation

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Format 123 x 178 mm
Number of pages 464

Le manoir saison 1

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