Couverture de « Poverello »


When John Coal, a film actor undergoing a revelation, accepts to play the role of Francis of Assisi, he could never imagine where it would lead… and what encounter awaits him!
Under the expert guidance of jovial agent Tonio, John Coal is a… Read more  rising star of the silver screen. Already rich and
famous, the young actor is offered an original role by Jean-Pierre Lübeck, a famous director: that of ‘the Poverello’, the nickname given to Francis of Assisi … At first John thinks this is one of Tonio’s jokes, but Lübeck’s fame is so great that he finally agrees to accept. He throws all his talent into the film and discovers the character of Francis, his frivolous youth, his radical conversion then his impact on his brothers. Little by little, shooting the film leads the actor to a deep reflection on his own life, and the need to make a choice: continue his life of glamour and excess in the limelight, or reconcile himself with his family and make a commitment to the woman he loves…

Illustrator : ROBIN

14 and up

Collection: BD KIDS

Publication date:

Themes: cinemalovequest for meaning

Retail price: 22,90 €

N°EAN 9782747052344
Number of pages 600


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