Tralaland : Vacances prolongées

Couverture de « Vacances prolongées »


It’s a catastrophe: the giga-canon that was supposed to take him home has exploded, just when Benoit had found the batteries at last! Luckily Madeleine is there for moral support. And Benoit makes do with his other friends, Bisou the wolf, and… Read more  Bob, the headless scholar.
Benoît is a little boy trapped in a parallel world, Tralaland. Well, trapped…he would like to come back, but when he feels like it. Because in fact he’s happy there. Even if, sometimes…

Author and illustrator : Libon

7 and up

Serie: Tralaland

Collection: BD Kids Tralaland

Publication date:

Themes: absurdhumourtravel

Retail price: 10,95 €

N°EAN 9782747049610
Number of pages 96


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