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When it comes to giving their friends a laugh, Kevin and Kate are the champions! Like all brothers and sisters, they squabble a lot… Fortunately, their quarrels don’t last long because they have to join forces against the horrid Marcus! Or to… Read more  have fun with their pals, Lucy and Barbara. All this in English, of course!
With an entirely English text (each speech balloon is subtitled, illustrated pages of vocabulary) Kevin and Kate help children enjoy learning English. Everyday situations mean vocabulary is varied, and the humor of the series does the rest!

Author and illustrator : Sandrine Lemoult

7 and up

Serie: Kevin and Kate

Collection: BD Kids Kevin and Kate

Publication date:

Themes: daily lifeEnglishhumour

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747085885
Format 160 x 202 mm
Number of pages 64

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