Préhistoric… Rick ! Tome 2

Couverture de « Préhistoric… Rick ! Tome 2 »


A new character, unpleasant and nasty, appears in this 2nd tome: Bono.
Now Rick has a sworn enemy! No holds barred: throwing mammoth dung, surprise bludgeon blows to heads, all kinds of jeers and scorn…
Bono puts spice into what was… Read more  our two heroes’ quiet life: hunting, fishing, wall-painting and… brawling!
This second tome ends in nail-biting suspense: Rick fainted when he saw… a girl! What happened? Find out in tome 3!

Author : Hervé Éparvier

Illustrator : Mickaël Roux

7 and up

Collection: Divers Globulle

Publication date:

Themes: comicsfriendshiphumourprehistory

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9791027603237
Number of pages 80

Divers Globulle

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