Emile et Margot : Monstres en folie !

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Between parents, Miss Niquelle-Crome the governess and Mister Coodoo-Better the teacher, the little royals never get a moment’s peace! They always have to be good, polite, well-mannered and intelligent… No time for fun! So when their monster… Read more  friends come to their help, they are always delighted! The writing monster does all the punishment exercises, the April Fool monster makes jokes and the Any-Old-Shape monster can take on the appearance of whoever he chooses … It’s very useful when they want to do favours for Emile and Margot! Too bad if the grown-ups don’t agree!

Auteurs : Anne DidierOLIVIER MULLER

Illustrator : OLIVIER DELOYE

6 and up

Serie: Emile et Margot

Collection: BD Kids Émile et Margot

Publication date:

Themes: familyhumourmonster

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747072397
Number of pages 96

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