Mon Ipote et moi – Tome 2

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As always, Art is desperately trying to get rid of Ipal, his android friend, Pome Zed!
But this time, the girl robot has found new allies: Lazyloaf, a toaster that passes messages onto the bread, and Belinda, a young lady with a strong… Read more  character!
Sparks will surely fly!
In this second tome, marriage proposals, basic questions on how humans work and juicy insults*: an ideal cocktail to guarantee laughs galore!
In the world of early teens, this 2nd tome again looks at the big questions of this age group: love, friendship, popularity, creating your look… with lovable if crazy characters

Author : Catherine Romat

Illustrator : Jean-Philippe Peyraud

7 and up

Collection: Divers Globulle

Publication date:

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9791027601622
Format 160 x 203 mm

Divers Globulle

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