Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde, TOME 01 : Mission Athènes

Couverture de « Mission Athènes »


The day Alex takes a friend to visit the Louvre, little does he think he’s enjoying his last moments of tranquillity… Suddenly a gate opens onto a bright light and a young girl runs out, chased by two guards. A second later, one of the exhibits… Read more  in the room, a statue of Buddha, disintegrates freeing a young Shaolin monk who’s holding back two giant dogs. Who are these two young people, who seem to be about their own age? Whatever the truth, Alex decides to help them…
The three children take another door and come out in Ancient Greece – in Athens! A strange atmosphere hovers over the town. It seems that Pericles, general in the Greek army, is the victim of a plot. But Morok, a powerful shady character, is not only after the Greek strategist. Travelling through time like the children, he seeks to change whole episodes of history… His aim? The Interworld, a peaceful space outside time that shelters all the world’s knowledge and wisdom. Will Alex, Jie and Nephti be strong enough to stop Morok?

Author : Jérôme ERBIN

Illustrator : Julien Meyer

7 and up

Serie: Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde

Collection: BD Kids Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde

Publication date:

Themes: adventurefriendshiphistory

Retail price: 8,95 €

N°EAN 9782747059282
Number of pages 56
Binding Sewn, paper cover