Emile et Margot : Merci, les monstres !

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When Emile and Margot decide to be gardeners… we’re in for a shock! On the petals of the gigantic flowers and extraordinary plants they have brought to Gardimonster, swarm equally gigantic insects… Yikes! And what happens when Grand-Dadais… Read more  pinches Prince Emile’s crown? Or when Margot goes to the Mamonster party to find ideas for a gift for her mother? Once again, the terrible Miss Nicquelle-Crome and the schoolteacher, Mister Coodoo-Better are in for more surprises… In these funny, poetic stories, set in imaginary far-off times, Emile and Margot’s daily life is like that of thousands of children… But with such a generous dose of fantasy that we can’t help smiling!

Auteurs : Anne DidierOLIVIER MULLER

Illustrator : OLIVIER DELOYE

6 and up

Serie: Emile et Margot

Collection: BD Kids Émile et Margot

Publication date:

Themes: humourmonsterprinces and princessesschool

Retail price: 10,95 €

N°EAN 9782747049627
Number of pages 92
Binding Sewn, paper cover

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