Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde, TOME 02 : L’ombre de Morok

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Les Aventuriers de l’Intermonde are back fighting against Morok in this 2nd volume. After their adventures in Ancient Greece helping Pericles, Alex, Jie and Nepthi have finally succeeded in penetrating the Interworld. Their aim? To prevent Morok… Read more  from accomplishing his sordid plans: to travel through time and refashion History to his taste!
The three friends get to know Log, a robot capable of letting anyone who so wishes to travel through time.
Against the advice of the Grand Master, Alex decides to return to Russia some years earlier, at the time of the accident that cost his parents their lives. His secret aim? To save them…Except that Morok will take advantage of this situation to plot a Machiavellian plan. Avicenne, doctor and mathematician who once lived in Persia, is their last hope. He is the only one who can help the children save the Interworld. The three determined friends set off on a new journey through the centuries…

Author : Jérôme ERBIN

Illustrator : Auren

8 and up

Serie: Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde

Collection: BD Kids Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde

Publication date:

Themes: adventurefriendshiphistory

Retail price: 8,95 €

N°EAN 9782747059299
Format 160 x 202 mm
Number of pages 64
Binding Sewn, paper cover

Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde

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