Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde, TOME 03 : L’enlèvement de Nephti

Couverture de « L’enlèvement de Nephti »


The three adventurers saved the life of Koro, guardian of the Interworld. He had been poisoned by Morok, who would do anything to be able to travel through time and refashion History to his taste!
But Koro isn’t entirely cured, hour by hour,… Read more  he is perishing! For Alex, time is running out. Jie and Nephti have to find the alchemist Avicenne urgently.
He is the only one who can make the antidote to restore Koro’s powers, and save the Interworld.
They go to Persia, one thousand years into the past? But although they were following a clue, Jie and Nephti are captured by Morok’s henchmen.
Alex finds himself alone to help his two friends. It’s a race against time for the young hero, for the great priest of Isis is preparing to accomplish his great dream: to force Nephti to marry him!

Author : Jérôme ERBIN

Illustrator : Auren

7 and up

Serie: Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde

Collection: BD Kids Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde

Publication date:

Themes: actionadventurehistory

Retail price: 8,95 €

N°EAN 9782747072458
Format 160 x 202 mm
Number of pages 64

Les aventuriers de l'Intermonde

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