Anatole Latuile : Le roi du chahut !

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11 new stories about Anatole Latuile! Among other marvels, you will discover Anatole’s deliciously poetic way of making sure his (appalling) school report doesn’t fall into his parents’ hands. Or the challenge he sets himself to smuggle his… Read more  dog into the cinema in a homemade basket… Cyclones and hurricanes! Discover how Anatole intends to get hold of the Gold Morvox card to complete his collection, or why he puts a dog in his bed to trick his baby-sitter… Mind-blowing!
Come and meet the school gaffer in this new adventure … but don’t forget your armour!

Auteurs : OLIVIER MULLERAnne Didier

Illustrator : Clément Devaux

7 and up

Serie: Anatole Latuile

Collection: BD Kids Anatole Latuile

Publication date:

Themes: familyfriendshiphumoursilly things

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747055543
Number of pages 96
Binding Sewn, paper cover

Anatole Latuile

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