Kiki et Aliène : Le plein de vitamines

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Whether it’s playing tennis or swimming with a mask and a snorkel, Kiki the extra-terrestrial always shows an incredible desire for knowledge…And remarkable perseverance to understand humans and their mysterious habits! As for Aliene, let’s… Read more  say he lets himself be carried along by his companion’s experience. It’s not that he doesn’t like trying from time to time, but he’s a bit fed up with these stupid creatures hopping around his flying saucer.
Luckily Attila the duckling, who has adopted his two benefactors, is there to brighten up the atmosphere.

Author : Paul Martin

Illustrator : Nicolas Hubesch

7 and up

Serie: Kiki et Aliène

Collection: BD Kids Kiki et Aliène

Publication date:

Themes: absurdeveryday lifehumour

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747059220
Number of pages 64
Binding Sewn, paper cover

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