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Who has forgotten the PE teacher of their young schooldays? Surely not Emmanuel Guibert, who gave the character Mister RIBERA such extraordinary presence, enhanced by Marc Boutavant’s drawings. A whistle hanging round his neck, heckles raised,… Read more  scattering his every sentence with words like “execution!”, Ariol’s sports teacher is a young rooster. Like most of his breed, he doesn’t like people tramping on his toes (well, his claws), and he’s demanding with his pupils… but he also has a delicate sense of humour. This fine portrait of a colourful teacher loved by his pupils sets the style for the 12th volume,where we find Ramono’s cunning, Bisbille’s shyness, Petula’s dirty tricks… and all the others!

7 and up

Serie: Ariol

Collection: BD Kids Ariol

Publication date:

Themes: everyday lifefriendshiphumour

Retail price: 11,50 €

N°EAN 9782747072533
Number of pages 128


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