Ariol : La fête à la grenouille

Couverture de « La fête à la grenouille »


In this 11th volume, Ariol is still as young and fresh as in the 1st. Still in love with Petula, who doesn’t feel the same way. Still not in love with Bisibille, who’s madly in love with him. Ramono is best friend, Tiburge his sworn enemy. In… Read more  Mr. Blount’s class, the little donkey gets on well with everyone. Including Vanessa, the little frog. When she loses her grandmother, Ariol finds himself dragged into organizing a collection for a gift from all the class… Finally, the pupils give Vanessa some perfumed soap to cheer her up. By chance, it’s a fragrance Petula adores…
No doubt about it, Ariol’s magic still works!

7 and up

Serie: Ariol

Collection: BD Kids Ariol

Publication date:

Themes: everyday lifefriendshiphumour

Retail price: 11,50 €

N°EAN 9782747059374
Number of pages 128
Binding Sewn, paper cover


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