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Because Inspector Bayard, who’s as sweet to his niece as he is a terror to gangsters, seems to attract trouble like a magnet: wherever he goes, to a museum, on holiday, a birthday party… a tragedy takes place. His powers of observation and… Read more  deduction (which means yours too, dear reader!) incite all victims to ask him (you) for help in finding the culprit in the assembly of suspects… Are you ready to put on your white gloves and uphold the law?
In this first of four volumes containing his entire adventures, you’ll find the first four tomes of the series, alternating short episodes and complete stories. To enhance the offer, the inspector’s first previously unpublished investigations (by three different scenarists!) as well as a dossier to discover how the series began and developed!

7 and up

Serie: Inspecteur Bayard intégrale

Collection: BD Kids Inspecteur Bayard

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Inspecteur Bayard intégrale

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