Emile et Margot : Ils sont partout !

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Are Emile and Margot really such good little children, when all’s said and done? Given all the situations that veer from normal to catastrophic… Especially when their governess is in the picture! This new book will reassure us on the innocence… Read more  of the little royals! Total innocence!
A whole gallery of monsters, from the hole merchant to the well-named Nossuna-Sedthandun, live in the forest surrounding the castle. Full of fun and good will, they’re the ones who spark off all the storms, Emile and Margot, they just laugh themselves sick!

6 and up

Serie: Emile et Margot

Collection: BD Kids Émile et Margot

Publication date:

Themes: everyday lifefamilyhumourprinces and princesses

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747059237
Number of pages 96
Binding Sewn, paper cover

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