Les Super Super : Capes sur le monde !

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Between school, parents and homework, Aglae and Juju always find time to help others. And Pappy Dédé, a former Super, has given them an amazing gift… two magic capes that give them the power to fly and tour the world in one night! Thanks to… Read more  these new costumes, they are delighted to have one mission after another!
Whether they are organizing celebrations for Chinese New Year, supporting an Olympic champion helping young lovers or protecting an animal, the Super Super are always ready for action. Even when nobody is asking them for help! Hmm…

7 and up

Serie: Les Super Super

Collection: BD Kids Les Super Super

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Themes: adventuredaily lifeschoolsuper heroes

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747072526
Format 160 x 202 mm
Number of pages 64

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