Zouk : Zouk et son copain Nono

BD Kids
Couverture de « Zouk et son copain Nono »


Zouk, the little witch with a big personality, has a very kind friend: Nono. But Nono can be clingy, a chatterbox, chicken and a show-off, and of course he’s secretly in love with Zouk!
Obviously, the little witch takes advantage and plays… Read more  tricks on her friend that make her scream with laughter! Happily, when it’s all over, Nono forgets everything!

Author : Serge Bloch

Illustrator : Nicolas Hubesch

3 and up

Serie: Zouk

Collection: Mini BD Kids Zouk

Publication date:

Themes: friendshiploversilly thingswitchcraft

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747098663
Format 185 x 210 mm
Number of pages 64


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